Wifi – A Gateway To The Future

Похожее изображениеWhile the wireless internet connection is nothing new, the speed at which downloads and uploads take place is ever-changing. With each new development in technology, faster speeds are achieved for those who venture into the online realm. The unfortunate thing is that as capacity increases, speed is affected negatively.

The Next Great Step

5G is fast becoming a reality that will soon be seen by Canadians. While Canada is known for their wireless connectivity, the fastest and most advanced in the world, the addition of a 5G network would further solidify their place as leaders in the race.

The Economics of It

The deployment of a 5G network in Canada will boost the economy considerably. In the short-term, it is expected that 150,000 short duration jobs will be created while the networks are still in the deployment and implementation stages. In the long-term, more than 250,000 employment opportunities will be available on a permanent basis. With a surge of up to $40 million dollars annually to the economy is predicted, it is easy to see why all the fuss.

The Good Life

It is quite true to say that the inclusion of such a network to communication in Canada will enhance innovation throughout all business sectors. The capacity for new applications will vastly change the game in every area whether it be agriculture or healthcare. An improved quality of life is inevitable. The lives of those in rural areas could dramatically be improved. Previous gaps in services through broadband could easily be eliminated allowing access to all.

The enormous boost in the economic status of the country and the improved living and working environments speak for themselves, however, for success to be achieved a huge financial investment is required and research and clinical deployment is paramount. The race is on and Canada is a nose in front of the pack.

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