Картинки по запросу Bluetooth 5Bluetooth 5 electronic is the new version of Bluetooth after Bluetooth 4.2 electronic version. The new Bluetooth 5 electronics come with loads of new innovations. Some of these innovations include mesh networking, increased range and higher speed. It has also excellent backing for people and advertising companies.

Mesh Networking

Currently, Bluetooth is using a star network. In a star network, all the nodes connect via a central hub. This is to say, if you want to share something or be connected to another platform via Bluetooth using the star network, you need to be connected to the central hub (directly connected to the person you are sharing something with or directly to the system you are using to connect to another platform). However, with the advent of mesh networking, this is no longer the case. You do not need to have access to the central hub to connect on a Bluetooth network. You can connect to another node (person/system already connected to the central hub or person/system connected to another node already connected to a central hub).

Increased Range

In general, Bluetooth 5 electronic has about four times the range of its predecessor. In addition, it also comes with a realistic range of 120 meters (theoretically 400 meters). The application of technological advancement is most appreciated in the diversity of range, making it easier for users to apply one that is suitable to their needs. For high speed, you will need more output power thus more energy use and higher data rates.

Higher Speed

Bluetooth 5 also has a higher speed in comparison to the previous version. The augmented data rate (EDR) maintains no less than 1Mbps and more. Even though it comes with higher transmission speed, it does not compromise on output power. You will still use exactly the same quantity of energy to power the devices, which translates to a longer battery life for your device or Bluetooth product.