Картинки по запросу Overlooked GiantWhile Canada may be vaster in size than its counterpart, the United States, it is often overlooked and dismissed as nothing more than that, vast in size. Canada is know for their polite population and a prime minister who personifies charm, but that’s it.

A Giant To Be Reckoned With

Canada is a place of plenty. They have land at their disposal of phenomenal proportions. 9% of the worlds forests are found here. The wide variety of natural resources is a pressure pot for success. Besides these physical aspects, Canada is known for the amount of support they provide for their budding entrepreneurs, locally and internationally. There are many names that are thrown around that are mistakenly regarded as US born, however, Canada is where they actually started. Hootsuite and Shopify are just two of the names that carry gigantic implications.

Successes Beyond The Northern Border

Canada has every capability of producing where startups are concerned. It is here that these initiatives excel in fact. While funding is not as widely found as in the US, the Canadian government is working with fervour to develop and maintain a strong and successful startup environment. There are grants available to small business entrepreneurs. In many instances the government requires no pay back. The education system and universities in Canada produce graduate of a high quality, increasing the gene pool, as such, of the entrepreneurial field.

Dedicated to New Business

Canada has long since been proud of their technological advancements and even more so of their ability to churn out successful initiatives. The government is determined to show their support in creating an environment where startups stand every chance of success. The fact that the Canadian dollar is 0.75 cents to the American dollar only sweetens the deal. Their well-educated, highly-qualified workforce is available to entrepreneurs the world over, and for a fraction of the price of the American counterparts.