The Feds Seeking Out State Strategy To Solve Big Data Problems

Картинки по запросу Solve Big Data ProblemsThe big data era seems to be upon us, and many have seen this coming a mile off. The rapid rise in the spread of data has become somewhat of a global phenomenon. This is backed by the amount of data currently floating around the stratosphere of the internet. This rise in big data has caused some commotion to legislative development with governments being forced to seek ways to govern and legislate digital information. Government’s steps toward big data management and accountability led to the summoning of billionaire software magnate and the CEO of the biggest data company in the world Mark Zuckerberg to Congress to try and explain how online data management works.

Canada Taking Its Own Notes

The current Trudeau run government seems to be the following suite towards ensuring the nation is equipped to handle the fast-paced digital age of big data. Where information is given for free, by those looking to see it protected. According to the actions taken by Navdeep Bains’s office, Canada’s current Minister of Development is seeking to curb and monitor developments by launching the national digital and data consultations.

National Strategy

Big data is expected to generate more jobs, along with AI systems and platforms also being on the rise. The strategy is to ensure that the Canadian government is in the right position through its policies and legislative frameworks to ensure that not only is the privacy of Canada’s citizens protected but also that Canada can take advantage of expected economic growths that benefit the Country.

It’s A Data-driven Economy All Round

The notion that data and information make the world go around is no longer a notion it is more of a reality. Information can help many however this information needs to be vetted and protected. Digital privacy policy issues seem to still be lagging playing catch up.