The Entrepreneurial Minds of Canada Honored for Displays of Innovation

The need for innovation and creativity displayed by business in Canada have proved to be quite noteworthy. This has resulted in various business power players being recognized and honored for their own displays. The Mitacs Entrepreneur Awards which aim to shine a light on up and coming Canadians in the fields of food, health, and the environment. This year the awards honored seven of these up-and-comers with a hefty prize money of $25,000. This specific award was given to bring to attention the outstanding work exhibited by these individuals, work that is changing Canadian lives on the daily.

Картинки по запросу Mitacs Entrepreneur AwardsThe Mitacs Entrepreneur Awards

The awards, which were founded by past Mitacs interns, evaluated each applicate candidate on exhibiting rigorous business planning, entrepreneurial zest as well as their ever passionate dedication to research and innovation.

Environmental Warriors

The list of honored recipients included those awarded for their contribution to environmental protection and promotion. This award went to Maxim Bergeron and Mathieu Kirouac both of whom are Ph.D. students. They are both researchers who decided to take their craft and turn into an entrepreneurial expedition. Both honorees are co-founders of Glacies Technologies which operates out of Quebec City. Their work in this venture which includes the development of an efficiently programmed system to stock snow and ice for industries that rely on it to make profits. This includes those in the ski and refrigeration fields.

Other Winners…

Other winners included Erin Goldberg who was honored for outstanding displays of social media tactic and strategy, winning the award for the social entrepreneur. The outstanding entrepreneur award went to Calvin Chen who is a former intern at Mitacs and also the co-founder of the company Edgehog.

The awards went off without a single hitch and brought to light some of the awe-inspiring work Canada’s entrepreneurial minds are working on.