Security Beef Up – Is There A Genuine Threat?

Картинки по запросу Security Beef Up - Is There A Genuine Threat?With events of the past years bringing to light the desperate need for tighter security measures, countries the world over are re-evaluating how they keep the nation and their heads safe. Canada is one of the countries that are taking stringent measures for a number of reasons.

Is It, Safer, Now?

By implementing stronger security measures, it may provide a false sense of security. To be honest, Canada is no more under threat than it has been in the past. There have always been people who are inclined to negative behaviour. Increasing security measures simply underlines that fact. The community as a unit may become more fractured through the process. People begin to look over their shoulders more than they used to and consider everyone else a danger. Unfortunately, there are communities within Canada that will feel the brunt of this and always be on the side considered a danger.

Revealed In A Book

Emily Gilbert, a geographer from the University of Toronto, is in the process of penning a book that reveals how September 11 has changed the experience of crossing the Canada-US Border. She explains how the security measures put in place allow the population to feel equally protected, the practical implementation is somewhat more biased. According to her, there have always been people who have been mistrusted in Canada, making reference to people of colour in the country. While she says that the mechanisms do not show bias, it is the people operating them that do.

Obscuring Reality

While the world is undeniably more safe today than it was a decade or so ago, the implementation of extreme safety measures has obscured the reality of it. Many believe that there is more security because there is more danger. A survey carried out by EKOS recently on the Canadian public drives this fact home. Only three percent of those surveyed believe that they are safer now than before.