Real Estate Mogul Using Technology To Advance Profits

Похожее изображениеThe Canadian division of Jones Lang LaSalle Inc is on a mission to become the top-ranked commercial real estate company and they are prepared to use technology to get there. The recent introduction of the Blackbird tool which mirrors that of Google Earth has given clients the opportunity to view properties within the company portfolio as a 3D map of sorts. The company has launched an initiative aimed at investing money in tech-wise companies that use the technology to improve business protocols in a variety of fields which include anything from investing to leasing and more.

It’s A Blockchain World

Every area of their real estate industry has been streamlined with the use of technology. The once manual process of surveying the market, making offers and the like have all now become digitized. What’s next on their list of exploits? Blockchain of course. The company is currently researching the idea of blockchain leases.

Only Upwards From Here

Since Miller became CEO of JLL Canada, the company has seen a massive increase in both workforce and revenue. At present Miller has his sights on the finalization of a service to assist landlords in running their own co-working spaces. A further notch on the belt is expected once their long-term commercial lease system has been approved. The ability for landlords to lock tenants in for such a lengthy period has landlords everywhere smiling. Companies will still maintain a level of flexibility through the co-working experience. Many do fear the distraction of their staff or the possibility of poaching by other companies sharing the co-working space, however, Miller and JLL have already thought of that. They are in the process of developing tools and Apps which will assist employers in managing their staff from a distance. The nomad work life is becoming extremely popular. Miller himself prefers to work wherever he lays his laptop down.