Картинки по запросу The Importance of Hydrology in CanadaCanada is one of the world’s most diverse countries when it comes to hydrologic diversity. In general, the country has at most 15 terrestrial ecozones! Some of these include Pacific Maritime, Boreal Cordillera, Mixed Wood Plains and Northern Arctic among others. As a nation, therefore, Canada ought to preserve these ecozones for future generations and also to ensure that the country remains with a constant clean water supply. In order to effectively do this, that is, preserve ecozones, it’s imperative that everyone is aware of the importance of hydrology.

Guaranteeing Future Source of Clean Domestic Water

Hydrology ought not to be a preserve for hydrologists only but for everyone else as it is the one thing that makes us get clean water to drink, cook and do all other chores that require clean water. It helps in determining water balance in a region thus prevent occurrences of drought and also propels the designs of water reservoirs such as dams. These are useful if there are indications of possible water shortages and it is also critical in assessing contaminants in water so that people do not consume potentially dangerous water.

Gives us Energy

Hydrology is important as it is responsible for giving us energy. You may probably have heard about hydroelectricity generation, if so, then you know that it’s all out of hydrology that society gets much-needed electricity to power homes, cities, industries and soon enough, to power cars also.

Critical for Agricultural Purposes

Not only does hydrology work in giving clean drinking water, it is also the critical component in agriculture. Hydrology helps in calculating surface runoff thereby the amount of water that will infiltrate into the subsurface soil and provide moisture for our plants to grow. It helps determine the agricultural water balance. It helps predict and mitigate occurrences of drought.