How Workplace Mobility Happens To Be On Organizations Minds

According to reports made by the State of the Industry Report, about 82% of Canada’s C-level officials believe that the risk of any data breaches occurring is highest when their employees are working off-site. Added to this, the report also indicated that only around 38% of small business owners have no policies or regulations in place to monitor staff use of electronic devices containing work and business information. With all this information and statistics reported, data still shows that 9 out of 10 Canadian companies freely offer flexi-time schedules and off-site working environments.

Картинки по запросу secure informationWhat Exactly Does This Mean

The above-mentioned information indicates the rapture and disconnect of managing employees during the digital era. With Canadian businesses being so willing to offer employees offsite working spaces, it also leaves them open to system hacks and cyber-attacks. With workplace mobility becoming a focal selling offering for employers searching to employ millennials, this mobility also opens companies up to various system threats. System hacks and compromises have been known to bring down entire organisations as secure information is obtained from company servers and systems. The result of this is that information security protocols are put in place, one of which being to monitor and evaluate the effects of workplace mobility on data breaches.

Data Security as Part of The Organisation’s Core

The above mentioned factors have resulted in 82% of business executives being more thoughtful about trying to still appeal to their culture of flexibility while protecting their data. One of the factors organisations have had to consider is just how technology affects different generations. Millennials were found to be less aware and careful with data protection methods. This means companies must take care to have effective and powerful data protection strategies. This sometimes also includes security measures for mobility purposes.