Картинки по запросу Route To SuccessIn any Startup or new small business initiative, money is a key factor. It is most often a lack of it that leads to failure or extremely slow progress. Canada is a country where the success and maintenance of thriving entrepreneurs is at the forefront. There are many Canadian authorities who provide funding to encourage growth and success, however, Canada Foundation for Innovation is one that delivers results. The foundation provides a variety of different sources of funding which are designed for different areas of industry.

Innovation Fund

This program is designed to provide support for entrepreneurs who have showcased technologies that show promise. It is geared towards allowing them to become competitive within the industry, on a global scale

College-Industry Innovation

Education is the basis on which successful businesses are built. This fund is geared towards the enhancement and improvement of the capacity of colleges in Canada to provide the support required to foster innovation within businesses.

Cyberinfrastructure Initiative

Research on a scientific, economic and social level is necessary to achieve successful results within the business sector. Data infrastructure and data resource development provide a platform from which cutting-edge research can grow. The program is in place to provide funding for initiatives like this.

Exceptional Opportunities Fund

The initiatives that fall under this category are not considered according to a general set of guidelines. Each is considered on their own merit. It is geared towards projects that support innovation within the industry and are most often time sensitive.

It has come to light that Canada has more to offer than meets the eye. While entrepreneurs aren’t on the receiving end of as much funding as those in the United States, the Canadian government is going to great lengths to ensure the strength of the sector within their country. They are dedicated to assisting businesses reach success and maintaining that status.