Похожее изображениеThe farming industry in Canada is seen as the brace that holds the economy up and allows Canadian families, as well as those internationally, to enjoy nutritious, high-quality food when they sit at the table to eat. The egg industry in Canada plays a phenomenal part is economy. The industry employs more than 17000 people and contributes a whopping $1 billion each year.

Animal Rights

It is vital that animals involved in the egg industry in Canada are treated humanely. The welfare of the animals is paramount and should always be at the top of the agenda. The Government of Canada is aware of the importance of the subject and has provided the egg farmers in Ontario, Canada, with $844 000 to further study new ways to reduce waste produced and to address the matters of animal welfare that are pressing. The initiative hopes to place Canada at the forefront of animal welfare in the industry throughout the world.

Hatcheries Moving Up

The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Lawrence MacAulay, recently announced that an investment would be made into the egg industry in Canada. The financial aid is to be used to assist in the development of a scanning system. The electronic scanners will be used to determine the fertility and gender of eggs. This equipment is aimed at increasing the efficiency and capacity of hatcheries in the country.

The Egg Farmers of Ontario is a non-profit organization. They play a vital role of support in the control and regulation of egg production in Ontario. They, with the support of the Canadian

Agricultural Adaptation Program, are on a mission to assist the farming industry or sector in Canada to remain competitive in the industry. New and ongoing projects are geared towards that end. With so much of consumer focus being on animal welfare, it seems a fitting battle to take on.