Картинки по запросу Paul GrossingerEntrepreneur, speaker and investor, Paul Grossinger shares his excitement at experiencing the Eastern-Canadian startup environment. He has come to recognize the fast-growing nature of the delicate ecosystems and its importance on a commercial level.

Breakfast of Champions

Grossinger has cited the importance of hosting startups in order to open them up to the opportunity of receiving investments both locally and internationally. This was laid out at a breakfast at which he spoke in June. He reiterated to the Toronto based audience how a number of strong accelerators and funds were creating a situation of huge proportions in the Canadian area. The breakfast was an opportunity to raise awareness and support for his ever-expanding syndicate, Gaingels.

E-Commerce Moves Forward

Grossinger has admitted the strength of e-commerce and manufacturing start-ups in Eastern Canada. He went on to identify how startups like Shopify and Hootsuite have been the vehicle that has firmly established Canada’s brand in the industry. He was in awe of the perfect mixture of talent and local pride that these startups were producing. Grossinger has identified that Montreal was at an earlier stage in development where the startup industries are concerned but that the process was still one that attracts excitement.


Startupfest was the place for new startups to be. Thousands of investors and entrepreneurs share the experience. Grossinger, along with a few other big names in the industry were put through their paces by an audience that was yearning for knowledge. The questions were engaging as directed towards learning the interest of the investors in the startup community.

While the Canadian market and laws are such that the entrepreneurial population has to work considerably harder than their American counterparts in order to achieve success, they are up for the challenge and ready to succeed. It’s the true indication of the pathway to success.